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Babes, sluts and fantastic boots from Boot Bimbo...

She will spank you, fuck you and make you lick her boots! Femdom Boots...

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UPD 2015-03-04 Boot Girls
Amateur; Babes; Boots; Celebrity; Centerfolds; ChunkyHeels; Feet; HighHeels; Platforms; Thighboots
Our girls: centerfold, amateur, celebrity... All wearing boots! Free pictures and movies - supplyed by you!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 Boot Bimbo
Babes; Boots; Thighboots
Boots required, body impressive, brain optional! Free picture and movie galeries of beautiful sluts wearing boots.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 Legs World
Boots; Feet; HighHeels; Legs
German leg, high heels, foot fetish site.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 Models Tied
Babes; Bondage; Boots; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Leather; Lesbian; Nylons; Pantyhose; Thighboots; Uniform
The world of high/fetish and glamour bondage.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 Celebrity Boots
Babes; Boots; Celebrity; Centerfolds; Feet; HighHeels; Thighboots
Free site with pictures and movies of beautiful famous women wearing boots. Submit your favorite media for instant listing!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 Cruel-Feet
Ballkicking; Boots; CBT; ChunkyHeels; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Leather; MetalHeels; Platforms; RidingBoots; Thighboots; Trample
Hand picked quality femdom foot sites.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 Code Fetish
Babes; Boots; Feet; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Lesbian; Nylons; Pantyhose; Thighboots; Uniform
The most beautiful and erotic girls in the net, dressed in latex and leather, elegant with furs, costumes, evening dresses and hats, more nylons, corsets and sexy desous! The girl/girl sets combine glamour and fetish with porn and erotic!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 Snap Femdom
Amateur; Asian; Ballkicking; Black; Blowjobs; Bodybuilders; Bondage; Boots; Breathcontrol; CBT; CFNM; Crush; Cumshots; Dildo; Electrics; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; FaceStanding; Feet; FemaleEjaculation; Femdom; Feminization; Giantess; HeelFucking; HighHeels; HumanAshtray; Kissing; Latex; Leather; Lesbian; Licking; Masturbation; Medical; Mistresses; PonyBoys; POV; ProMistresses; RidingBoots; Smoking; Spanking; Spitting; Strapon; Suffication; TeaseAndDenial; Thighboots; Trample
Huge free media with content from users.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 Higher Pleasure
Babes; Boots; ChunkyHeels; Feet; HighHeels; Kissing; Latex; Leather; Licking; MetalHeels; Mistresses; Platforms; RidingBoots; Thighboots
The ultimate free boots fetish site! Huge new and archive of boots and high heels movie and picture galleries.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 Strictly Glamour
Boots; Feet; HighHeels; Latex; Leather
Boots, hihg heels, lates and leather!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 The English Mansion
Anal; Blowjobs; Bondage; Boots; Candles; CBT; Dildo; Electrics; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; Feminization; HighHeels; HumanAshtray; Latex; Leather; Lesbian; Mature; Medical; Mistresses; Needles; Platforms; ProMistresses; Rubber; Smoking; Spanking; Strapon; Thighboots; Trample; Uniform; Watersports
Mistress Sidonia von Bork's domain. One of the largest femdom movie sites - 100% exclusive. It's got everything!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 Vanessa Louri
Boots; Feet; HighHeels; Latex; Nylons; Pantyhose; Uniform
I am a passionating girl thats strong and dominant at the same time. More and more I slide deeper into this fetish and I recognize that I am rising in it. I like to explore new ways and I makes my live more interesting. I am open for everything new and interesting ;) Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-04 FootDom United
Amateur; Ballkicking; BareFeet; Boots; CBT; ChunkyHeels; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Legs; Lesbian; Licking; Pantyhose; Platforms; Sandals; Socks; Soles; Trample
Footdom united is a foot domination megasite that is merging h best foot domination websites available online today. With Footdom United membership you will get access to daily fresh updates + entire content of 3 unique mega foot domination websites, and for a hugely discounted price.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-03 !Boots (TGP) Fetish!
Boots; Latex; Leather; Thighboots
Sluts, Mistresses, Teen, Mature, Amateur, Pro? Only one thing is certain: They are all wearing BOOTS!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-02 Femdom Films
Bondage; Boots; Femdom; Feminization; Spanking; Strapon
Fem Dom movies which feature powerful women using hypnosis, mind control, chlorophorm, blackmail and brute force to overpower and subjugate their helpless male victims. Female domination movies made by real Dommes and written with the intention of humilating the submissive male.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-02 Chateau Cuir
Babes; Blowjobs; Boots; Femdom; Leather; Lesbian; Strapon; Thighboots
Hardcore leather fetish and femdom.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-02 Mean Bitches
Black; Boots; FaceSitting; Femdom; Mistresses; Uniform
Facesitting, femdom, ass worship and humiliation.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-02 Feet2
BareFeet; Boots; Crush; Feet; HighHeels; Kissing; Legs; Licking; Nylons; Pantyhose; Trample
The second home for foot fetish freaks. Directory for extreme foot lovers. Sexy Feet, Boots & Heels and Foot Femdom.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-02 Action Girls
Amazon; Babes; Boots; Femdom; HighHeels; Uniform
Action girls showcases breathtaking women who kick ass!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-02 Alpha Chicks in Boots
Babes; Boots; Thighboots
Boots fetish directory and gallery. Updated 2 times a week!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-01 RedOptics
Babes; Boots; Feet; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Lesbian; Pantyhose; Platforms; POV; Spanking; Thighboots
Stella loves thighboots!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-03-01 Deadly Females
Amazon; Black; Boots; FaceSitting; Femdom; Wrestling
Mixed wrestling, facesitting & smothering photos & videos.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-02-28 Girls in Leather Boots
Amateur; Babes; Boots; Feet; Femdom; Kissing; Lesbian; Licking; Spanking; Thighboots
Two boot girls: Elena and Brooke.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-02-28 Young Femdom
Ballkicking; Bondage; Boots; Breathcontrol; CBT; CFNM; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; HumanAshtray; Leather; Mistresses; Spanking; Spitting; Strapon; Trample
Young german girls dominating men. Extreme top class femdom!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-02-27 Dominatrix Annabelle
Bondage; Boots; CBT; Femdom; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon
The Slave, The Equestrian Lady, The Vicar, The School Mistress, The Spy, The Butler, The Private Banker, The Valet, My Girlfriends, The Aviator, The Accountant, The Gardener, The Italian Businessman and Double Domme.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-02-27 Femdom Boots
Boots; Femdom; Mistresses; Thighboots; Trample
Meet your booted mistress. If you are lucky you will be alowed to lick her boots!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-02-27 Lady Asmondena
Anal; Bondage; Boots; CBT; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; HumanAshtray; Latex; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Smoking
Lifestyle Mistress and Fetish Model. A surperb german Mistress!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-02-27 Lady Kinky Boots
Blowjobs; Boots; Dildo; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Thighboots; Uniform
The finest collection og 100% exclusive boot fetish movies & photos on the net!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-02-26 Crushed Like a Bug TGP
Ballkicking; Boots; CBT; Crush; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Mistresses; Trample
No escape, no mercy. You are trapped under the female foot. A Foot Domination Movie and Picture Gallery Post.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2015-02-26 CBT and Ballbusting
Ballkicking; Blowjobs; Bondage; Boots; CBT; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Trample
Very specific focus on cock and ball torture and ballbusting. For viewers that are into Female Domination, male submissives, CBT, ballbusting, bondage, biting and ruined orgasms...Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2014-11-04 Trample Girls
Ballkicking; Boots; Crush; FaceSlapping; Femdom; Trample
Free female foot domination site powered by - YOU! Please add your crush, trample, ballkicking and face standing material here!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2014-10-10 Adore Her Feet
BareFeet; Boots; CBT; CFNM; Feet; Femdom; Thighboots; Trample
Inevitably, slaves tend to be dumb and must be disciplined. Putting on Katrina’s boots should have been a simple task but she tired of him fumbling around and she ended up putting them on herself. Obviously that’s not acceptable and this slave quickly finds himself on the floor...Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2014-07-16 Beauty in Boots
Ballkicking; Bondage; Boots; CBT; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; HumanAshtray; Leather; Mistresses; Smoking; Spanking; Spitting; Strapon; Thighboots; Trample
Goddess Athena, Beauty in Boots. Humiliation, Domination, Femdom, Boot Worship, Corporal Punishment, A Play, Whipping, Role-Play, Double Dom, Goddess, the list is endless, and it will just keep growingReport :: Broken URL

NEW 2014-04-02 Pay to Obey
Ballkicking; BareFeet; Boots; CBT; Dangling; Dirty; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Nylons; Pantyhose; POV; Socks; Soles; Thighboots; Toons; Trample
Humiliation Brats.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2014-04-02 Kinky Kicks
Ballkicking; Boots; CBT; CFNM; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; RidingBoots; Soles; Trample
The ultimate ballbusting experience.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2014-03-22 Pay To Obey Me
Ballkicking; BareFeet; Boots; CBT; Dangling; Dirty; Femdom; HighHeels; POV; Toes
Pay To Obey Princess Meggerz Femdom Humiliation Dominatrix.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2014-03-17 Flash Femdom
Boots; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Thighboots; Trample
Free femdom streaming videos!!!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2014-02-25 Cock & Ball Torture
Boots; CBT; Crush; Feet; Femdom; Trample
Very nice cock & ball torture directory with galleries.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2014-02-25 Cruel Feet
BareFeet; Boots; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Legs; Trample
Dominated by her feet. Collection of some of the very best femdomfoot sites.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2013-12-15 Miami Mean Girls
Ballkicking; Bondage; Boots; CBT; CFNM; FaceSitting; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Kissing; Licking; Mistresses; Sniffing; Spanking; Trample
One of Our favorite things to do with slaves is of course take all their money. That is what slaves are for. They are PROPERTY, so whatever belongs to them belongs to ME...Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2013-12-04 Sweat Remover
BareFeet; Boots; Dangling; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Licking; Nylons; Pantyhose; POV; Sneekers; Sniffing; Socks; Soles; Sucking; Toes; Trample
Foot care in it's best, natural form.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2013-07-15 Rubber Empire
Bondage; Boots; CBT; Femdom; Rubber; Strapon; Thighboots
Are you looking for a real Rubber Goddess to serve and do anything she commands? Are you ready to be her Rubber Sex Object? Then you have come to the right place. Where your wildest fantasies become reality. Come in and enjoy the magic of Rubber Empire. Download over 5 hours of high resolution Video Clips. Updatet 2 Times every Month!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2013-04-30 Trampling Girls
Boots; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Trample
Beautiful trampling mistresses walk and stomp all over their slave's weak bodies. They'll trample mercilessly in high heels, boots or bare feetReport :: Broken URL

NEW 2013-04-04 Sado Ladies
Ballkicking; Bondage; Boots; CBT; CFNM; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; HumanAshtray; Leather; Mistresses; Smoking; Trample
This slave was ordered to clean the dungeon but instead he touched and gently stroked her designer boots and smelled the expensive leather. Miss Leni, who returns from the cellars, caughts him and can't believe her eyes...Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-12-03 Thigh High Honeys
Boots; Feet; Latex; Leather; Thighboots; Uniform
Welcome to Thigh High Honeys! The place to find some of the UK's hottest babes wearing Thigh Length Boots and sexy outfits day and night.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-09-27 Crush Feet
Boots; Crush; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; POV; Trample
The footfetish pow on you face.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-09-23 Only Tease
Babes; Boots; Feet; Models; Uniform
At least 3 sets a day, all 100% exclusive!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-09-23 The British Institution
Bondage; Boots; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; Kissing; Leather; Licking; Mistresses; Smoking; Trample; Uniform
Dragged off to a disused part of the facility in handcuffs by a drunken guard. She swigs from Her brandy and taunts him in Her native Russian, spitting in his face as he grovels at Her feet...Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-09-23 Erotic Female Domination
Babes; Bondage; Boots; FaceSitting; Femdom; Handjobs; HighHeels; Kissing; Licking; Mistresses; POV; Spanking; Strapon; Trample; Wrestling
Erotic Female Domination, where girls of your dreams dominate you! Femdom video site with galleries, stories and news of Female Domination world.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2012-09-22 Triple BBB
Babes; Bondage; Boots; Dildo; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Lesbian; Nylons; Pantyhose; Strapon; Thighboots; Uniform
The nastiest and sexiest models. Bound and gagged. Playing with toys and vibrators. Dressed in leather , latex, uniforms and nylons. Wearing boots, high heels, overknees... Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-09-22 Abused Boots
Boots; Feet; HighHeels
Abused dirty boots...Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2012-09-21 Riding Fantasy
Boots; Femdom
Riding Fantasy is THE producer of authentic, high-quality femdom horseriding erotica. Browse a treasure of 247 photosets and several hours of fully downloadable riding videos currently online, with new additions twice every week so you will never be short of entertainment.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2012-09-21 Vintage Cross Dressing
Anal; Bondage; Boots; CBT; Femdom; Feminization; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Uniform
Oh yes, the quality, content, colours and genres are, I'm sure you will agree, second to none. I look forward to seeing you inside!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2012-09-19 Riding Boots
Amateur; Babes; Blowjobs; Boots; Feet; Lesbian; Masturbation; RidingBoots; Uniform
Boots, spurs and whips.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-05-25 Femdom Empire
Anal; Ballkicking; Blowjobs; Bondage; Boots; CBT; CFNM; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; Handjobs; HighHeels; HumanAshtray; Latex; Leather; Mistresses; Smoking; Spanking; Spitting; Strapon; Thighboots; Trample
Donimant women satisfying their sadistic desires.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-05-25 Fetish Liza
Bondage; Boots; CBT; CFNM; Femdom; Feminization; Latex; Leather; Lesbian; Masturbation; Mistresses; Smoking; Spanking; Strapon; Thighboots; Trample; Uniform
Let me take you into my own fetish world. A world that consists of tight shiny outfits, high boots and heels, of femdom and lots more.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-04-15 Leather & Latex
Blowjobs; Boots; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Lesbian
Best in latex and leather...Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-04-15 Fetish Pack
Anal; Ballkicking; Bondage; Boots; Breathcontrol; CBT; CFNM; Dildo; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; Femdom; Feminization; Mistresses; Spanking; Spitting; Strapon
When you join you get full access to the members sections of 25 websites!!!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2012-04-13 Ballbusting Pleasures
Ballkicking; Boots; CBT; CFNM; Feet; Femdom; Handjobs; HighHeels; Mistresses
Be prepared to feel the greatest pain in your balls, to get on your knees blow after blow and to worship our ballbusters properly. Our site is the source for all things ballbusting, ballkicking and ballsqueezing, both bare feet and with the kinkiest shoewear.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2012-04-12 Femdom Foot Fetish
Amateur; Boots; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Kissing; Lesbian; Licking; Mistresses; Trample
Forced foot worshipping, real world humiliation. New videos every other day!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2012-04-08 Lady Ann
Boots; Leather; Thighboots
Here is the place for leather and boots!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2012-04-07 Rubber Kingdom
Boots; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Lesbian; Rubber; Strapon
The empire of latex!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2012-01-26 Feet Pleasures
Boots; CBT; CFNM; Fat; Femdom; Footjobs; HighHeels; Trample
Devoted to Foot Domination Fetish and the best foot slaver & foot fetish site on the net! Whether you are into the softer side of the foot fetish or into foot domination our mistresses will do anything to satisfy your need for kinky foot gamesReport :: Broken URL

NEW 2011-08-23 Slave To Feet
BareFeet; Boots; CFNM; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; Trample
Foot Worship, Foot POV & Trample.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2011-08-01 Mistress Lady Jenny
Bondage; Boots; CFNM; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Trample
I practice a unique brand of sadism here in Hungary. I am known for my cruel and merciless style and stop at nothing until you crack. That is the only time I am satisfied, when you are a broken man, broken by the pain and humiliation I have been practicing almost my entire life.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2011-08-01 The Dominant Wife
Bondage; Boots; CFNM; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Trample
Mistress Ella is The Dominant Wife. Her husband obeys Her every command and serves Her daily as a full time house slave. Included in his chores are worshipping Her pussy ass and massaging Her dainty feet. Whatever She tells him to do, he obeys instantly. She delights in making him suffer and in his humilliation at Her hands. His servitude is for life.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2011-08-01 Mistress Maya Sinstress
Bondage; Boots; CFNM; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Trample
I am a Professional Pervert, a Fetishist, a Performer, a Fetish Model, a Sadist & an Artist. I have been Dominant, Bossy & Bitchy all of My life. My Interests are divided into 5 categories: Bondage, Fetish, Role Play, Torture & Sensory Play.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2011-08-01 Mistress Kelly Kalashnik
Bondage; Boots; CFNM; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Trample
SM is something natural and logical to me. Men I do think I'm a sadistic Mistress, I like to be mean, hurt and humiliate. Not that I hate men, I do respect every human being and every living creature. The slaves that I hurt, want to be hurt. When still I think the slave is capable to handle the torture I might not give mercy when he asks for it. But of course I can see when the pain is really to much. And yes I have a soft voice, but my dominance is not related to the noise I make. And of course I am very kind!! Ask my slaves!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2011-08-01 Mistress Miranda Rider
Bondage; Boots; CFNM; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Trample
I am the girl next door you’ve been fantasizing about since middle school,the queen you dream of serving, the kittenish ingénue with sharp, hidden claws, declining to pounce ‘til you least expect it; I am the temptress you long to yield to, the siren who keeps you awake at night with her softly insistent whispering; the femme fatale who will coax you into surrendering your dignity and swallowing your pride (amongst other tasty treats); the Mistress who knows your proper place and how best to put you in it. My style is soft and seductive, but do not be fooled, you will leave drained, sore and desperate for return. You will miss me before I have even left.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2011-08-01 Mistress Sara Akeera
Bondage; Boots; CFNM; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Trample
Latex, Leather and Corset fanatics will be in Heaven. I have a substantial, unique Wardrobe of Fetish Gear from around the world. I take great pride and care in myself and my attire.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2011-07-09 Naked in Boots
Amateur; Babes; Boots; Celebrity; Centerfolds; ChunkyHeels; Dildo; Feet; HighHeels; Thighboots
Naked in boots is a totally free site which share some of the best pictures of naked babes wearing boots with you. If you have any qualified pictures yourself, you can upload them yourself.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2010-12-09 Dom Ballbusting
Ballkicking; Bondage; Boots; CBT; CFNM; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Mistresses; Trample
Beauty so powerfull it can and will hurt!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2010-07-13 Trampling Goddess
BareFeet; Boots; Crush; Dirty; HighHeels; Nylons; Pantyhose; Sneekers; Sniffing; Socks; Soles; Trample
All they want to do is walk all over you!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2010-07-13 Smell and Lick
Boots; Crush; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Legs; Pantyhose; Sandals; Smoking
Finally, you can feel how is it to be under Goddesses beautiful feet!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2010-05-10 Miss Tiffany
Boots; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Kissing; Lesbian; Licking; POV; ProMistresses; Teen; Trample
I am a 19 year old teenage dominatrix Miss Tiffany and I like to satisfy my exhibitionist side by recording my play sessions with my slaves.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2010-05-10 Susan Wayland
Babes; Boots; Latex; Lesbian; Rubber
Glamour and fetish model. Making my decision about an outfit for a shooting is normally done very quickly! It’s important for me to wear something out of latex which is tight and sexy. Sounds simply, right? This is a little bit different if I plan a shooting in public to avoid some trouble!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2010-05-09 Extreme Footdom
Boots; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; Kissing; Lesbian; Licking; POV; Sandals; Sneekers; Soles; Trample
Dirty foot, shoe and boot licking, foot smothering and deep-throating, heavy head and body trampling, foot domination by gorgeous young Mistresses and much more!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2010-05-08 Rapture Vision
Anal; Ballkicking; Bondage; Boots; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; FaceStanding; Femdom; Feminization; Latex; Leather; Mistresses; Strapon; Trample
The Finest Female Domination on the Web. New content uploaded daily! Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2010-05-08 Nylons'n' Heels
Boots; Feet; HighHeels; Legs; Nylons; Pantyhose; Thighboots
Stockings, High Heels, tight Skirts - this is my world of glamour. Here you can see, which photo sets are online in my MEMBER'S LOUNGE. I update at least once per week - a photo set or a video. So check back as often as you can.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2010-05-08 Mistress Eris
BareFeet; Boots; CBT; FaceSitting; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Lesbian; Sneekers; Spanking; Trample
Cruel and sadistic, 21 year old Amazon Goddess, Mistress Eris. Enjoys inflicting pain and humiliation on her victims, such as beating them with floggers and riding crops, nipple torture and cbt. Forcing them to lick and kiss her dirty shoes and boots as well as worship her bare feet.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2010-03-22 Beneath Soles
Boots; Femdom; Kissing; Licking; Mistresses; Trample
the ultimate footfetish site which puts together and summarize the story about the need of Goddesses for maintaining their footwear and feet clean at all times... The fact is: nothing can make them feel so bad as Dirty Boots & Shoes can. That's why the Goddesses want: Devoted and Hard Boots & Shoes licking, Detailed Soles Licking, Trampling For Fun, Foot Smelling...Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2010-01-11 Shoe Session
Shoejobs and bootjobs. Includes a very active forum. Ads for girls who specialize in shoe jobs, boot jobs, shoe modeling and selling their well worn shoes.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2010-01-11 High Heeled Catfights
Catfights between sexy well dressed women. They ruin each others shoes and clothes by forcing each other into the mud. Forced boot licking, trampling, torn stockings.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2010-01-02 Boots In The City: The Reality Bootfetish Site
Boots; Thighboots
This site is dedicated to women wearing boots: public sex, streetshots, flashing, public nudity ,reality, public fucked, tit-flashing, pissing, stripping, upskirt pics and much more!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-12-27 Lezz Dom
Anal; Boots; Femdom; HighHeels; Lesbian; Strapon
Fancy watching helpless girls turned into sex servants by dangerous dominant womenReport :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-12-11 Girls and Ladies in sexy Overknee Boots and High Heels
Boots; Thighboots
Hier präsentieren sich attraktive Girls, die nicht nur vorbehaltlose Anbetung ihrer wundervollen Stiefel und High Heels einzufordern wissen, sondern auch ihre helle Freude am Crushing haben.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2009-11-25 Domina Irene Boss
Bondage; Boots; Feet; Femdom; Leather; Lesbian; ProMistresses; Spanking; Uniform
Home of Irene Boss, Dominatrix from Pittsburg Pennsylvania.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-11-23 Boot Sniffers
Boots; Feet; HighHeels; Lesbian; Sniffing
Amateur boot fetish sniffing picturesReport :: Broken URL

UPD 2009-11-22 TV Boots
Boots; Celebrity; Feet; HighHeels; Platforms; RidingBoots; Thighboots
1000's of free boot fetish screen captures from TV. Submit your pictures with instant listing!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-10-26 Fetish Wife
Boots; Feet; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Nylons; Pantyhose; Thighboots
I am a normal everyday wife who loves having my own site. By day I work in an office and do the normal day to day things, but I enjoy dressing up and posing for pictures in my spare time.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2009-09-17 Her Cruel Feet
Boots; ChunkyHeels; Crush; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; HeelFucking; HighHeels; Legs; MetalHeels; Mistresses; PedalPumping; Platforms; Sandals; Sneekers; Trample
Foot domination videos. Watch them all for free and add your personal videos here!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2009-09-16 Domina Films
Boots; CBT; Dildo; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; Femdom; Feminization; Mistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Thighboots; Uniform
Femdom queens give men a real har time. In DVD quality!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-05-24 Wamboots
Wamboots is the idea of getting wet and messy with your boots on. Our girls are usually fully clothed in jeans, business wear, and other uniforms while wearing knee-high or thigh-high boots. They get covered in foods, wallow in sloppy mud, and shower always in clothes and boots. Try wamboots now !!!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-05-24 Japanese Platform Boots
This is the one and only site on the internet focusing on Japanese Girls in Platform Boots!!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2009-04-29 Fetish Video Review boots and leather
Reviews of videos containing women wearing leather and boots. Straight, Femdom, bootjobs and leather licking.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-04-13 Footgirl Ania
BareFeet; Boots; Feet; HighHeels; POV; Soles
Size 39 sexy footgirl.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-04-13 Sado Girls
Boots; FaceSitting; Femdom; Spanking; Spitting; Trample
Foot and ass worship, humilation, spanking, domination, smother, smothering, facesitting, trample.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-04-13 Footgirl Ashley
BareFeet; Boots; Feet; HighHeels; Socks; Soles; Toes; Toenails
Not just another sexy footgirl!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-04-13 Feet and Fetish
Boots; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Licking; Nylons; Pantyhose; Socks; Soles; Trample
Footworship and Footslavery...more than 100 mistresses, sexy feet, licking shoes, smelling socks and nylons, footsmother, sole cleaning, dirty feet.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-01-27 Mistress Alexia Jordon
Boots; Femdom; Latex; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Smoking; Uniform
Official website of Mistress Alexia Jordin. Realm of pleasure and pain. Live streaming video chat sessions with audio.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2009-01-04 Suesse Gabriele
Stiefel, Matsch und mehr......... boots, mud and more... Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2008-12-05 Fantasy Amateurs
Amateur; Babes; Boots; HighHeels; Latex; Rubber; Thighboots
Fantasy Amateurs is a site dedicated to all of you who love girls in super-tight, shiny clothing! It is UK based and features gorgeous mainly British girl-next-door type models in liquid metal, lycra, spandex, PVC and rubber/latex outfits, with sexy shiny panties underneath.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2008-11-27 Sado Sisters
Babes; Boots; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Mistresses; PonyBoys; Spanking; Trample
The most sadistic sisters. Sexy & blonde, brutal & heartless, cold & arrogant, luxurious & vain - real dom sisters!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2008-11-11 Sexy Miss Lizz
Babes; Boots; Feet; HighHeels; Lesbian; Thighboots
American M.I.L.F. in Thigh High Boots!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2008-10-24 Boots & Babes
Babes; Boots
This site is fucking hot, cuz it’s completely dedicated to sexy & glamour babes dressed in BIG seductive boots. Inside the members area you will find all boots which you could only imagine - leather, chamois, latex and different colors bootsReport :: Broken URL

NEW 2008-10-02 Latex Mania
Blowjobs; Boots; Latex
Gorgeus babes in craze latex role games.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2008-08-03 Mrs Kelly Kalashnik
Ballkicking; Boots; CBT; Dirty; FaceSlapping; Femdom; PonyBoys; ProMistresses; RidingBoots; Spanking; Strapon; Thighboots; Trample
Beautiful and crule domina in Holland, Strapon, CBT, Riding, Smothering, Trampling...Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2008-03-07 Beneath Soles
Boots; Thighboots
Boots and shoes must shine! Boots and shoes licking, detailed soles licking, trampling, foot smelling and much more… Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2008-03-07 Foot Cleaning Caffe
The place where tongue meets tired young girls feet Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2008-01-22 Soles N' Toes
Links to boots, shoes and foot fetish sites.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2007-10-10 Rubber Ponies
Bondage; Boots; Breathcontrol; Femdom; Latex; Medical; PonyGirls; PonyBoys; Rubber; Thighboots; Uniform
Covered in latex and rubber and treated like horses!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2007-09-24 Femdom Chamber
Boots; Dildo; FaceSitting; Feet; Femdom; Handjobs; Latex; Leather; PeeShit; Spanking; Strapon
Femdom Chamber features female domination movies with themes that include strapon dildo domination, nipple clamping, spanking, whipping, golden showers, boot licking and more!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2007-09-24 Latex Lesbos
Babes; Boots; HighHeels; Latex; Lesbian; Rubber; Strapon; Uniform
Watch full movies of sexy lesbian babes in seductive latex, rubber, pvc or leather fetish attire having kinky sex! Strapon Dildo, domination, boot licking, orgies and much more lusty scenarios!Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2007-09-15 Female Power Movies
Bondage; Boots; FaceSitting; Femdom; HighHeels; Leather; Spanking
Probably the nets largest collection of free femdom movies!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2007-07-12 Cock Stomp
Ballkicking; Boots; CBT; ChunkyHeels; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Sneekers; Trample
Cocks degradated and crushed under her shoes.Report :: Broken URL

UPD 2007-06-19 Fashion Boots
Babes; Boots; Celebrity; Centerfolds; Fashion; Feet; ChunkyHeels; HighHeels; Platforms; Thighboots
Models wearing fetish fashion boots.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2007-05-28 Rubber Boots Magazine
Lots of Riding Boots Pics, Stories, Boot Licking and Rubber Booted FunReport :: Broken URL

NEW 2007-05-20 The Fetish World
Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Nylons; Pantyhose; Smoking; Strapon; Thighboots
A world of fetish presented by Lady Schokomaus.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2007-04-17 Foot Fetish Bar
BareFeet; Boots; Dangling; Feet; HighHeels; Nylons; Pantyhose; Sandals; Sneekers; Soles
Foot fetish paradise.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2007-03-29 Trample Amsterdam
BareFeet; Boots; ChunkyHeels; FaceStanding; Femdom; Kissing; Lesbian; RidingBoots; Trample
Sexy Ladies using men as carpet, Boots & Barefeet trample, shoe & feet worship, head standing, cock crushing, jumping...Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2007-02-06 Links 2 Latex
Boots; Latex; Rubber; Thighboots
Links to adult latex, rubber and pvc sites. Updated at least 2 times a week!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-11-19 Leather Fixation
Boots; Femdom; Leather; Thighboots
Simply beautiful women adorned in leather for your pleasure and satisfaction. They will gratify your leather Fixation whether you delight in simply adoring women in leather, or admire strong dominate women wearing leather. How ever your FIXATION takes you these women will assuage your desire.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-09-04 Cruel Women Rules
Bondage; Boots; CBT; Femdom; Latex; Leather; Medical; Mistresses; Spanking; Thighboots
Serious femdom training, rough punishment, male feminization and humiliation, ass whipping and spanking, cock and ball binging, cock and nipple clamping, rope bondage, foot worship, waxing, anal strapon penetration and more domination action you'll find here.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-08-21 Thighs The Limit

Dedicated to the love of both Thigh High Boots and Thigh High Stockings. Hot legs babes in sizzling nylons and boots 1000s of Pictures and Hours of Amatuer Hardcore Videos.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-06-22 Boot Bimbo Sites
Babes; Boots
Gorgeous babes in sexy high class boots.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-06-14 Girls With Boots
Babes; Boots; Thighboots
Do you get extra horny when you see girls with boots in hardcore movies? We have made a site that focuses only on the slutty girls wearing high boots! It's so kinky to see their nude petite bodies getting fucked while wearing shiny latex boots! Head over to Girls With Boots right now!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-05-24 Hot Latex Dreams
Boots; Latex; Leather; Suffication
Latex, PVC, and chains are the instruments of kink for fetish freaks. Our Queen of Rubber and purveyor of perverse latex punishment will use these tools to control her captives and take their bodies for her pleasure. The world of kinky rubber fetish just got a little darker.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-04-09 Emilyn Marilyn
Babes; Boots; HighHeels; Nylons; Pantyhose
Wheer fetish and fashion colidesReport :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-04-09 Lady Celeste
Boots; HighHeels; Latex; Leather; Nylons; Pantyhose
The erotic feeling of nylon on my skin like the elegance of extravagant Stilettos, it shift me regularly - into a lasciv mood. Now I have decided to place for you on net my fetish and erotic works, originated with in the scene admitted erotic and fetish photographer J.M.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-04-04 Boot Sluts
Babes; Boots; Thighboots
On this site you will find nothing but cheap sluts wearing boots!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-04-03 Thighboots Domination
Femdom; Thighboots
ONLY for femdom sites with Mistresses wearing thighboots!!! Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-03-15 BootParadise

Surferfiendly and popupfree site with more than 6000 free pics + hundreds of videoclips. 4 free livevideochats.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-01-16 Dominated Men
Bondage; Boots; CBT; Femdom; Spanking; Strapon; Thighboots; Watersports
Submissive males dominated and violated by private ladies. Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2006-01-16 Best Femdom Videos
Bondage; Boots; CBT; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; Femdom; Lesbian; PonyBoys; Spanking; Spitting; Strapon; Trample
Original and exclusive extreme female domination high quality downloadable videos or DVDs.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-12-18 Babes
Babes; Blowjobs; Boots; Cumshots; HugeBoobs; Lesbian; Masturbation; Teen
Ultimate, gorgeus, beautiful, horny babes. Blowjobs, cumshots, boots, teens and much more.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-11-21 The Strapon Site
Anal; Boots; Femdom; Lesbian; Mistresses; Strapon; Thighboots
If you want to have a StrapOn Live Session with me you have reached the right place! Contact me and become my toy!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-31 Safe Porn Surf
Amateur; Amazon; Anal; Art; Asian; Babes; Ballkicking; BareFeet; Bestiality; Black; Blowjobs; Bodybuilders; Bondage; Boots; Brazilian; Candles; CBT; Celebrity; Centerfolds; ChunkyHeels; Crush; Cumshots; Dangling; Dildo; Dirty; Electrics; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; FaceStanding; Fashion; Fat; Feet; Femdom; Feminization; Food; Footjobs; Footwear; Gangbangs; Giantess; Goth; HeelFucking; HighHeels; HugeBoobs; HumanAshtray; Interracial; Kissing; Latex; Leather; Legs; Lesbian; Licking; MaleDom; Masturbation; Mature; Medical; MetalHeels; Mistresses; Models; Mummification; Needles; Nylons; Models; Pantyhose; PeeShit; PedalPumping; Platforms; PonyGirls; PonyBoys; POV; Pornstar; Pregnent; ProMistresses; Public; RidingBoots; Rubber; Sandals; Shemale; Smoking; Sneekers; Sniffing; Socks; Soles; Spanking; Spitting; Strapon; Sucking; Suffication; Teen; Thighboots; Tickling; Toes; Toenails; Toons; Trample; Transvestites; Uniform; Watersports; Wrestling
All sites listed has been checked and safe for you to visit! Your starting point for unlimed free porn in every possible category. Updated several times a week.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-23 My Feet Links
Boots; CBT; Celebrity; Crush; Dangling; Dirty; Feet; Footjobs; Footwear; Giantess; HighHeels; Lesbian; Mature; Mistresses; Pantyhose; PedalPumping; Soles; Sucking; Trample
Huge foot fetish index.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-23 Boot Slave
Boots; Femdom; Thighboots
Boot fetish sites. Worship, domination & lust.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-23 Boots Fetish
True lust for females wearing boots. Collection of the best boot-fetish sites!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-23 Lick my Boots
Boots; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Kissing; Licking; Mistresses; POV; RidingBoots; Trample
100% female dominated, 100% free boot worship site.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-23 Babes and Boots
Babes; Boots; Centerfolds; Feet; HighHeels; Leather; Thighboots
Centerfolds wearing boots.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-23 FemFoot
Amateur; Babes; Ballkicking; Bare Feet; Boots; CBT; Celebrity; Centerfolds; Crush; Dangling; Feet; Femdom; Footjobs; Footwear; Chunky Heels; HighHeels; Kissing; Mature; MetalMeels; Mistresses; PedalPumping; Platforms; POV; RidingBoots; Sandals; Sneekers; Sniffing; Socks; Soles; Sucking; Thighboots; Toes; Trample
Foot fetish index with many categories.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-22 Foot Babes
Amateur; Babes; Bondage; Boots; Cumshots; Dirty; Feet; Femdom; Food; Footjobs; HighHeels; Kissing; Lesbian; Licking; Nylons; Pantyhose; Platforms; Trample
Foot worship, toe sucking, footjobs and lots more.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-20 The Crush Fetish Gallery
Amateur; Boots; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Trample
The nets largest collection of crush fetish pictures!!!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-20 Feet, Heels and Painful Cocks
Boots; CBT; Crush; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; MetalHeels; Trample
Extreme domination. Flattening cocks and balls with feet and heels!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-20 Flattening Balls
Ballkicking; Boots; CBT; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Platforms; Trample
Extreme CBT torture wearing heels!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-20 Ball busting
Ballkicking; Boots; CBT; Feet; Femdom; MetalHeels; Thighboots; Trample
Balls tortured by women in heels.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-20 Crushed by a Giantess
Art; Bare Feet; Boots; Crush; Feet; Femdom; ChunkyHeels; Giantess; Platforms; Trample
Free Giant women pictures.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-20 Crush Movies
Amateur; Boots; Crush; Feet; Femdom; ChunkyHeels; HighHeels; MetalHeels; Platforms; Trample
High quality crush fetish movies.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19 Rubber Doll
Boots; HighHeels; Latex; Lesbian; Medical; Rubber; Strapon; Uniform
Dominant Mistress in Latex outfit!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19 Trample Footdom
Ballkicking; Boots; CBT; FaceStanding; Femdom; HighHeels; Kissing; Licking; Mistresses; Platforms; Sneekers; Spanking; Thighboots; Trample
Trampling and foot domination pictures and movies.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19
Boots; FaceSitting; Femdom; Kissing; Licking; Wrestling
Smother, facesitting and assworship.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19
Boots; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; Food; HighHeels; Kissing; Leather; Lesbian; Licking; Platforms; Trample
The ORIGINAL trampling site!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19 Mistress Antoinette
Bondage; Boots; CBT; Femdom; HighHeels; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Smoking; Spanking; Strapon
Where pain and pleasure intersect, you will be very severely tested. The sound of male whimpering is like Mozart to my ears.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19 Trampling World
Ballkicking; Black; Boots; CBT; ChunkyHeels; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Trample
Painful trampling - full weight crushing.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19 Foot Divas
Ballkicking; Boots; CBT; ChunkyHeels; Dirty; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; Footjobs; Giantess; HighHeels; Kissing; Licking; Nylons; Pantyhose; PedalPumping; Platforms; Smoking; Sucking; Trample
Foot worship. These girls just love feet and love to have guys at their feet. Whether you are into the softer side of the foot fetish or into foot domination we have thousands of pictures and movies guaranteed to satisfy your foot fetish needs.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19 Beneath Her
Boots; FaceSitting; Femdom; Suffication
Smothering and FacesittingReport :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19 Lady Sonia
Blowjobs; Bondage; Candles; CBT; Dildo; FaceSitting; Femdom; Footjobs; HighHeels; Leather; Masturbation; Mature; ProMistresses; Smoking; Spanking; Strapon; Thighboots; Uniform
Britains Premier Domme. The finest collection of ultimate 100% exclusive fetish videos.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19
Bare Feet; Boots; FaceStanding; Feet; Femdom; ChunkyHeels; HighHeels; Mistresses; Nylons; Pantyhose; Platforms; POV; Thighboots; Trample
Hardcore trampling site.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19 Joanne Lafontaine
Bondage; Boots; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; Latex; Leather; Lesbian; Mistresses; Nylons; Pantyhose; ProMistresses; Smoking; Spanking; Spitting; Thighboots; Trample
Hard female domination, facesitting, smothering, footdomination, footfetish, footsmother, trampling, classic domination, human furniture, breathcontrol, roleplay, spitting, spanking... Visit my website and enjoy a real session!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-19 Karin von Kroft
Boots; Femdom; HighHeels; Leather; Mistresses; ProMistresses; Spanking; Strapon; Thighboots; Uniform
World class mistress Karin von Kroft. You will be forced to do things My way for MY PLEASURE. I seek submissive men so I can use them.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-18 OWK - The other world kingdom
Anal; Ballkicking; Bondage; Boots; Candles; CBT; Dildo; Electrics; FaceSitting; FaceSlapping; FaceStanding; Femdom; Feminization; Latex; Leather; Mature; Mistresses; Mummification; Needles; PonyBoys; ProMistresses; Rubber; Smoking; Spanking; Strapon; Suffication; Thighboots; Trample; Uniform
The private state of supreme women. All characters are real woe are not fiction we are reality!Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-10-18 Femdom Town
Amateur; Boots; CBT; FaceSlapping; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Lesbian; Spanking; Trample; Uniform
Total submission of male and female slaves who is in total control by their beautiful and cruel Mistresses.Report :: Broken URL

NEW 2005-07-28 Fetish Exhibition
Amazon; Bestiality; Bondage; Boots; CBT; Crush; Fat; Feet; Femdom; HighHeels; Latex; MaleDom; PeeShit; ProMistresses; Shemale; Smoking; Strapon; Toons; Trample; Uniform
Huge fetish/bdsm index and free galleries with many foot fetish categories.Report :: Broken URL